Unicorn Sweet Treats Clipart

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Introducing Sassy’s Unicorn Sweet Treats Rainbow Clipart. Super cute rainbow cupcake, lollipop, ice cream, and unicorn frappuccino. We were inspired by Starbucks unicorn frappuccino and our love of unicorns and rainbows. This colorful clip art is ready for your next diy project, printable stickers, or digital GoodNotes planner.

🖤Our Set Contains 5 pieces:

* Separate PNG & JPG files
* RGB colors
* Transparent background for PNG
* White background for JPG
* High resolution 300 dpi

🖤Our Clipart is Perfect for:

* Stickers, Physical Planners, and Digital Planners like GoodNotes.
* T-shirt Design
* Digital Scrapbooking
* Printable Scrapbooking
* DIY Projects
* Party Favors
* Party Invitation Design
* Great for Bloggers & Web Design Projects

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