Sassy’s 3 Best Free Fonts to Try

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There are a plethora of great free fonts out there, however there are a few I constantly find myself going back to time and time again. These fonts have proven to be high quality, attention getting, and creative while being easy-to-ready. This is a list of my top 3 free fonts to try in your next project.

Bebas Neue Font
  • Bebas Neue- available from Dharma Type font foundry. This is my all-time favorite that I have used in the majority of projects I have worked on. It makes a great heading and best of all, it’s free of course.
Raleway Font
  • Raleway- A beautiful serif font by Matt McInerney from The League of Movable Type. This font is wonderful to create a classy and vintage aesthetic in your work without compromising legibility. This font is great for both print and web and can be seen in use here.
Playfair Font
  • Playfair Display- A font used here on Sassy Printpress is Playfair. I love this font as a elegant heading that stands out from the body copy. It’s curvy and feminine which works perfectly with our female aesthetic. This font is the handy work of designer Claus Eggers Sørensen. he did and amazing job bringing this font to life. This font can be downloaded and used over the web easily on Google fonts, which is another great perk.

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